The world’s needs for foodstuffs have increased significantly recently, due to the current conditions having an impact such as the spread of the Corona virus and many other global disturbances that have led to an increase in people’s use and storage of foodstuffs, and continuous sitting at home resulted in a large consumption of entertaining foodstuffs such as chips and nuts, so In this article, we will mention to you one of the types of production lines for food amusement from Atlas Company, which is the corn chips production line and its production method
Corn chips production lines
Atlas Company has worked to develop the company and make it include many manufacturing lines  that support the corn chips production line, including these lines
The company was keen on the good and regular performance of the machines’ work, corn chips production lines, and progress in work, and we will separate the corn chips production lines for you so that you are fully aware of the company’s work mechanism. 
This line is made of heat-coated iron and stainless steel sheets. This line operates with a production capacity of 300 kg per hour, with the addition of a tank for foodstuffs used in the manufacture of corn chips production lines. There are different and multiple shapes of chips, up to 5 shapes
This line of the ATLAS EXTRUSION 2020 model is equipped with a high-level sensor and materials, with a production capacity of 150 to 200 kg per hour, and this line is made of iron and stainless steel food plates, and includes 5 forms of molds for the manufacture of corn chips .
Third :
400 kg per hour production line capacity, and contains many sections, including:
Corn mixer: It is responsible for moistening and mixing the corn
Screw conveyor: Responsible for transporting materials from the mixers to the extruders through the spirals
Extruder: This line works depending on the quality of the materials used, the density of the grain, and the size of the flavor added in manufacturing
Air crystal or itinerary: This section was found to transport the chips from the extruder to the oven, and it can support more than 50 shapes of chips.
The oven: from its name we know that it is responsible for drying and roasting the chips completely because it works on the diesel and gas system
Taste-Flavour: It is responsible for the taste of the chips, as it spreads the mixture of oil and the homogeneous flavor on the surface of the outer chips, giving it the appropriate taste.
Oil pump: The pump works to take the flavor from the mixer and spray it inside the seasoning
Oil and flavor mixer: This process mixes the oil with the flavor and sprays it on the chips by means of a pump inside the seasoning
• This line operates with a production capacity of 150 to 200 kg per hour and has the same sections in the double corn chips production line.
• This line relies on foodstuffs in manufacturing and has a production capacity of 200 kg per hour
• It contains many sections and operates with a production capacity of 200 kg per hour
• This line operates with a production capacity of 150 kg per hour
• This line is made of food grade stainless steel and works with a production capacity of 150 kg per hour
• Sieve and filter love
Flavor / Restaurant
• Oil and flavor mixer
• oil pump
This line operates with a capacity of 300 kg/hour and contains sections similar to the sections of the popcorn production line.
This distinguished us, Atlas, the most important leading company in the manufacture of packaging machines around the world, and corn chips production lines.
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