Recently, the demand for nuts and crisps in the market has grown due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus and people spending a lot of time at home, which has resulted in a high demand for these products Manufacturers compete with each other for the most customers to promote their products
But at Atlas we guarantee the cleanliness and quality of the product, whether it is nuts or crisps.
Atlas has made significant sales of roasting devices in the market and many companies have acquired these devices due to their uniqueness in the manufacture of food products, nuts and chips. 
Benefits of rotary toasters
A production capacity of 200 kg per hour and a meal capacity of 20 kg, and the materials from which these products are made are purely nutritional.
The roaster works on gas or diesel and is fitted with a glass to filter the heating salt during roasting. Thanks to the fixed navigation system, the company was able to salt the product directly after leaving the roaster. Next comes the role of the mobile navigation which operates on the salting of the product immediately after leaving the roaster, and comes the task of the cooler which operates to cool the product
after the roasting and salting process. It is equipped with two suction phases to cool the materials

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